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Andrey Gorochov

I work in the congregation as a deacon, which means I take care of the practical side of things that happen in the congregation. These days, I work on the accounting and help as a family financial counselor. I enjoy working with the congregational team, and it’s fun for me to work on all sorts of projects.
I immigrated to Israel in 1994 from Russia with my family. I was not interested in God until I saw dramatic changes in my wife. In ulpan, she met a Messianic believer and began to attend a congregation. The change in her drew me to go with her and know what was the source of this change. I got to know the pastor and began talking with him each Friday. I asked all the questions I had in my mind and most of the time, he had good answers.


We met for a few months until I decided to accept Yeshua as my personal Messiah and Savior. I was baptized not long afterward, and I continued to go to meetings at the congregation, but it was more like a club for me than a new way of life. A little while after that, Shmuel came and began to serve as pastor. I began to meet with him and grow in my faith. I started working as the caretaker of the congregational building. I also met with Philip to study the Scriptures together. Between it all, I began to grow in my faith and experience how it changes my life.

Recently, I also learned to scuba dive and here are a few photos from the Mediterranean Sea. I enjoy the beauty and the quiet under the surface of the water. There’s a good group of friends who dive together.

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