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Philip Litle

I grew up in rural Missouri in a family where both of my parents demonstrated a love of God and faithfully brought me to congregational meetings from the time I was born. It was in such a meeting that I came to understand that Yeshua died on the cross for me. At that time, I accepted Him as my Messiah.

My faith in God continued to develop during the years following my decision. As time approached to leave home for college, I desired to continue growing in my relationship with God. I was excited when I was accepted to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but that excitement was tempered by my fear of finding my faith undermined at this prestigious institution.

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But God provided a group of student believers who helped me grow in my relationship with Him. There I also learned how to explain my faith and help others know Him better. As I saw the Lord work in my life and others’, I was led away from a career in engineering to serve Him.

After graduation I worked as an engineer and began repaying my school loans. I had met my wife, Heidi, at MIT and we were married shortly after her graduation. Since childhood I had a special love of and interest in the Jewish people. In February of 1989, we left the United States for Israel in order for me to study at the Israel Institute of Technology – Technion. We’ve been living in Israel ever since.

We have five children who studied at the Reali Hebrew School in Haifa and grew up Israeli. We experienced the hatred directed against the Jewish people on March 5th, 2003 when our second child, Abigail, was murdered by a terrorist in a bus bombing on her way home from school. She was one of 17 killed and 53 injured in that attack. She, like each of our other children, had chosen to believe in Yeshua as her Messiah and was baptized. This decision gave us comfort. She was a witness to Yeshua for many who knew her. Each of our other children served in the Israeli Defense Forces following their High School studies. 

I serve as associate pastor at Beit Eliyahu, where my primary focus is on developing congregational leadership, especially among university students and young adults through leading small-group studies and providing pre-marriage counseling in addition to serving the congregation in numerous practical and administrative ways.

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Philip Litle


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